What is Maxpass?


MAXPASS is Disney’s new premium enhancement to the existing FASTPASS system. For $20 USD (per person per day) you get the following benefits:

  • The ability to book Fastpass from your phone
  • Unlimited Photopass downloads for any pictures taken on that day

A common question we are asked is “whats the difference between Maxpass and Fastpass?

Fastpass is the FREE skip the line system that was introduced to the parks in 1997 and allows you to reserve times to experience an attraction skipping the normal waiting time.

Maxpass is an addition to Fastpass and has not replaced the traditional Fastpass system, it allows you to more easily use the access the Fastpass system by saving you the walk to the attraction to get your Fastpass.

With Maxpass you are able to get a Fastpass for an attraction on the other side of the park or if you have a Park Hopper, you can also book an attraction at the other park. even in the other park.

If you arrive early and are constantly utilising Maxpass throughout the day it is very easy to experience more rides than you would have otherwise.


How much does it cost?

On the flip side, Maxpass is also fairly pricey.

For example: For a family of 5 with 3 day tickets it will cost an additional $300 USD (5 people x 3 days x $20), which is the equivalent of around $450 AUD extra on top of the already pricey tickets.

Maxpass can be purchased one of two ways.

1/  Buying tickets direct through Disney (as well as a few select US resellers)
2/  Maxpass can quickly and easily be added to any ticket once you arrive at the resort.  We recommend this option so you can make the judgement of its worth for your particular days once you are there.

Here are our budget tips to make the most of the Maxpass system, both in terms of attractions and photos:

  • With a couple of exceptions, most rides that offer Fastpass have a thrill element and have a minimum height of 102cm – 127cm, therefore you might consider only getting Maxpass for anyone over that limit.
  • If you would only like the Photo Downloads aspect of Maxpass we recommend you purchase Maxpass for just one member of your group, you will be able to download all of your photos for just $USD20 Per Day.
  • You can pick and choose once you are there what days you make make use of Fastpass. If you are just spending a couple of hours in the parks one day, if you have purchased it in advance you would have paid to use Maxpass that day even if you don’t use it.
  • And finally, the most important tip, wait until you arrive BEFORE you purchase Maxpass. No matter what the websites online say it is impossible to correctly predict when the parks will be busy and when they will be quiet (except for the week of Christmas and New Year). There are some days where Maxpass is simply not needed because its so quiet, and it is very easy to purchase Maxpass once your there but impossible to refund it.