Universal Studios Hollywood has 4 main types of tickets and it can get quite confusing about which one is best for you.

I will be going through them, from the plain and simple 1 day ticket, all the way through to the premium VIP tour package.

1 Day Standard Ticket

This ticket gives you access to all of the rides, attractions and shows at Universal Studios Hollywood, including the world famous studio tour, for the date listed on your ticket. This is also the ticket included on the LA GO card. This is the Cheapest ticket available. As long as you arrive before park opening and are willing to make an entire day out of it, you can easily visit all of the attractions in one day. We recommend this ticket if you are on a budget and you don’t mind missing an attraction or two.

2 Day Standard Ticket

This ticket is exactly the same as the 1 Day ticket BUT you are able to return for a second date within 7 days of your first day. Universal Studios Hollywood is a fairly small park and you are easily able to see everything in a day. But if you like to explore at a more relaxed pace a second day could make your time more relaxing.

1 Day Universal Express

A Universal Express ticket gives you admission into the park as well as the ability to skip the line at each attraction ONLY ONE time. This is only recommended on the busiest days or if you would like to make sure you can have a super relaxing day. Depending on the exchange rate and also dependant on annual price increases, but in general this ticket with express costs AUD$100 more than a standard one day ticket per person.

If you are unsure whether or not you should get express, you can always buy a standard ticket and if it is looking busy once you are there you will be able to upgrade (pending availability).

1 Day VIP Tour

The VIP tour is the premium Universal Studios Hollywood experience and includes the following.

  • Unlimited express access to rides and shows (standard express only gives you one time to skip the line at each attraction)
  • An extended backlot tour, different from the tour included in any other ticket as you get to have a walk around and explore soundstages and the prop warehouse in this tour.
  • Light snacks and refreshments
  • Gourmet breakfast in exclusive VIP dining room
  • Valet Parking

This ticket is fairly pricey at around AUD$400-$500 depending on the exchange rate and dates. If you are an avid movie fan or would just like to splurge for an extra special day this ticket is for you.

LA GO Card

The 3 or more day LA Go cards come with 1 Day access to Universal Hollywood. If you are interested in visiting a variety of attractions around LA as well as Universal Studios Hollywood this could save you a bit of money.

More details here https://travel.mrchocolate.com.au/product/go-los-angeles-card/


All of these tickets can be purchased online directly through our website. A bonus of our Universal Hollywood tickets is that all our Universal Studios Hollywood tickets come with a barcode, no need to line up at the ticket both to exchange your voucher, just head straight in.

A quick note on Halloween Horror Nights

During the months of September and October every year Universal runs their annual Halloween Horror Nights event focussed on celebrating Halloween and scaring their guests. This is completely different from regular ticketing. If you go in these months and would like to experience the Horror Nights you will need to purchase a different ticket and conversely if you don’t want to experience the scares you can just purchase a normal ticket.
We are able to sell horror nights on demand. Please email us at travel@mrchocolate.com.au if you would like a quote on your options.

If you are still confused or have any questions about the theme parks or something else travel related email me at lachlan@mrchocolate.com.au or leave a comment below.