From the supplier:

Finally, a balloon company with dedicated flights in Tasmania, close to and even over the city of Launceston. Depending on the wind direction on the day, we might fly to the north of Launceston and the Tamar Valley, to the West in Deloraine and Westbury or to the South, in the Northern Midlands (Poatina, Cressy, Perth, Longford, Evandale). The aim on every flight will be to give you the best possible views and experience whilst also needing to target good landing areas to end our flights on safe ground. Hot air balloons float in the wind and, although we do use winds at different altitudes, we must make sure that we end where we can land properly and retrieve the equipment, which normally is in the Northern Midlands or the Tamar Valley.At Liberty Balloon Flights we give you the finest experience of free flight in a balloon in the whole of Australia, hands down. View the Sun rise over the horizon with pilots who are the first operators in Tasmania. We fly higher and tend to fly longer and no, you WILL NOT feel height sick. This is the full experience of a balloon flight with the personalised service only small groups can receive. Breathtaking views and safety assured with pilots who have been flying for over 25 years, not only in Tasmania but also up and down The Andes, Patagonia, Mexico and many countries and cities around the World, including and for many years, Melbourne. We like adventure and we make it SAFE. We call this "The Peaceful Adventure". Views across the highlands and places like the Meander Valley, Launceston, the Tamar Valley and the Northern Midlands in a morning you will never forget, as you participate in the oldest form of aviation, a hot air balloon flight. Champagne and chocolates or breakfast after the flight is on us.